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Locherber - Diffuser Refill Hejaz Incense 500 ml

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Aromatic oriental note, spicy and woody, this diffuser has notes of cedar, birch and bergamot head, combined with gurjum, incense, cypress, nutmeg, carnation and white musk, sandalwood, guaico wood, patchouli and pine wood.

Recyclable Pet pack. Jacquard fabric label. Presented in colored case.

It is only there in the desert where man is lost in the infinite majesty of silence that one can perceive the force of nature; the infinite changing of the dunes carved by the wind, the incredible force of life that explodes creating oases capable of being born from the wings and the scorching sands where nothing can be born if not a miracle; it is there that our fragrance is spread from the diffused resin in the Hejaz region, an enveloping aromatic fragrance inspired by the incense produced by these incredible resins from the bitter note of birch wood, sandalwood cedar, the ancient and enveloping scent of the spices of east, treasures of a millenary civilization that still lives. A unique blend capable of inducing the body to meditation and the soul to relaxation; let yourself be carried away by the enchantment of the desert, by the harmony of Italian design and by a magical fragrance like Hejaz Incense, the fragrance of Locherber Milano inspired by the Middle East.

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Scents determine the immaterial architectures of our life. They arouse emotions and memories, and accompany moments. The exclusive fragrances by Locherber Milano are designedto make places and situations special.Unique and all-embracing creationsare the result of more than forty years of experience in the cosmetics sector, of natural active ingredientsand carefully selected raw materials.

It is a new concept of fine livingthat takes know-howto an artistic dimension, based on all-Italian creativity.

Locherber Milano pursues harmony generated from a balance of the five senses and can even include a sixth, thatarchaic and primitive power in each one of us, which inevitably drives ustowards beauty and wellbeing.

The product selection includes hand-painted glass bottles (to increase the ability to reflect light), different types ofstoppers (in wood orclay) that recall classic decorative art or natural shapes, jacquardfabrics for labels, as well as fine wood. Every detail is painstakingly researched. Nothing is left to chance but is the outcome of careful and rational choices. Locherber Milano’sdiffusers thus become furnishing items and an integral part of an interior project.

The passion for ancient and modern art is applied to the world of scenting interiors, with a set of detailsthat creates a unique object. The design from Milan and Art have been essential to come up with new and innovative ideas and creations and this is what has differentiated the brand throughout the years with different shapes and lids with a registered design.

The products boast not only three generations worth of heritage, but also the marriage of Italian passion and Swiss precision. Locherber Milano prides itself not only on its decades longroots, but also in remaining independently run and family-owned,ensuring an unchanged ethos that drives its long-term vision with total creative freedom.

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