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Pipe FALCON alluminium base with bulldog and dublin heads

61.48 (Tax Free)

Falcon Pipes were designed by Kenley Bugg from Fort Wayne, Indiana, US, in 1936. Bugg wanted to create a light pipe, which had a constantly fresh smoke. He created a pipe made up by detachable parts, with an alluminium base which kept the condensation, nylon mouthpiece and briar (or meerschaum) heads interchangeable in the same pipe.

Pipe Falcon 010, alluminium base, brown smooth heads shape bulldog and dublin, nylon mouthpiece. New, never smoked.

Caratteristiche (Details)

Marchiature (Stampings) FALCON MADE IN ENGLAND
Stato (Condition) Nuova (New)
Bocchino (Mouthpiece - Stem) Nylon
Filtro (Filter) No

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