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Pipe Meerschaum Lubinski Air Conditioned B 202 shape cobra bent chimney

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Pipe Lubinski Meerschaum 011 Air Conditioned B 202 Cobra, air conditioned finishing, shape bent chimney, yellow methacrylathe mouthpiece. New, never smoked. The Lubinski catalogue offers meerschaum pipes, exclusively turkish, realized following the sketch by the brothers the Sekergioglu from Eşkisehir.

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Misure (Measures) in mm

Lunghezza (Lenght) 168 mm
Altezza testa (Bowl height) 78 mm
Diametro esterno Min-Max (External bowl diameter Min-Max) 37-60 mm
Diametro fornello (Chamber diameter)
21,5 mm
Profondità fornello (Chamber depth) 54 mm
Peso (Weight) 74 g

Caratteristiche (Details)

Marchiature (Stampings)
Stato (Condition) Nuova (New)
Bocchino (Mouthpiece - Stem) Metacrilato (Methacrylate)
Filtro (Filter) No

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