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Pipe Savinelli AUTOGRAPH brown sandblasted shape freehand zulu

162.30 (Tax Free)

The Savinelli "Autograph" is design and carved by our skilled master craftsman. Thanks to their dedication, experience and ability, these "Autograph" Pipes emphasize what Mother Natured offered to us. That is the reason why these pieces are so unique and special.

Pipe Savinelli Autograph Y057, brown sandblasted finishing, shape freehand zulu, hand cut methacrylate mouthpiece 6mm. New, never smoked.

Misure (Measures) in mm

Lunghezza (Lenght) 170 mm
Altezza testa (Bowl height) 54 mm
Diametro esterno Min-Max (External bowl diameter Min-Max) 39-41 mm
Diametro fornello (Chamber diameter)
21,5 mm
Profondità fornello (Chamber depth) 46 mm
Peso (Weight) 77 g

Caratteristiche (Details)

Stato (Condition) Nuova (New)
Bocchino (Mouthpiece - Stem) Metacrilato (Methacrylate)
Filtro (Filter) 6mm

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