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Pipe Savinelli Punto Oro Gold 513 KS sandblasted shape panel billiard semicurved

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The best Mediterranean briar-root, aged for more than 3 years, 90 processes, highly specialized artisans who transmit knowledge to future generations and great attention to the processes and care of every single piece. These are the key points that make "La Punto Oro" one of the best known and most exclusive pipes in the world. all the pipes marked "Punto Oro" have been made and selected by expert craftsmen; just think that only about 1.2% of the roughly briar heads are chosen for the "Punto Oro" series.

Pipe Savinelli La Punto Oro GOLD 513 KS, dark brown sandblasted finishing, shape panel billiard semicurved, methacrylathe mouthpiece 6mm. New, never smoked. Original box with sock.

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Misure (Measures) in mm

Lunghezza (Lenght) 150 mm
Altezza testa (Bowl height) 50 mm
Diametro esterno Min-Max (external bowl diameter Min-Max) 33 mm
Diametro fornello (Chamber diameter)
20,5 mm
Profondità fornello (Chamber depth) 43 mm
Peso (Weight) 51 g

Caratteristiche (Details)

Marchiature (Stampings) SAVINELLI PUNTO ORO GOLD 513 KS ITALY
Stato (Condition) Nuova (New)
Bocchino (Mouthpiece - Stem) Metacrilato (Methacrylate)
Filtro (Filter) 6mm

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