Pipe Ser Jacopo della Gemma MODICA 66 smooth shape full bent calabash


High quality briar-root and design are the main charateristics of the Pipe MODICA which, thought it may not rapresent the absolute perfection that would make it a first choice, it nevertheless offers excellent smokability.

Pipe Ser Jacopo Modica 66, brown smooth finishing, shape full bent calabash, methacrylate mouthpiece. New never smoked.

Misure (Measures) in mm

Lunghezza (Lenght) 122 mm
Altezza testa (Bowl height) 56 mm
Diametro esterno Min-Max (external bowl diameter Min-Max) 40 mm
Diametro fornello (Chamber diameter)
22,5 mm
Profondità fornello (Chamber depth) 42 mm
Peso (Weight) 52 g

Caratteristiche (Details)

Marchiature (Stampings) Ser Jacopo MODICA Fatta a Mano
Stato (Condition) Nuova (New)
Bocchino (Mouthpiece - Stem) Metacrilato (Methacrylate)
Filtro (Filter) No

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