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"Artisans of the pipe": this is how the master pipers are defined by Ser Jacopo della Gemma, a brand founded by Giancarlo Guidi in 1983. The Ser Jacopo pipes, in fact, are all handmade in Pesaro and the widespread opinion is that their manufacturing is unmistakable and often characterized by engravings such as "per aspera ad astra": the famous Latin motto reminds the craftsman that the processing of the wooden log from which his pipe will be born will be full of roughness and, to the lucky buyer of a Ser Jacopo pipe, to be able to touch the sky with a finger. The phrases engraved on the pipes help us in the dating of the pipes of Ser Jacopo delle Gemma, but a useful indication is also the finishing of the mouthpiece where, until 1997, there was a red coral ball surrounded by a silver crown that is it was later replaced later by a silver "J". On our site Tabaccheriaguzzi.it you can buy online some of the most famous models of Ser Jacopo: the Modica, Insanus and Albus et Niger pipes. Do not delay: choose your pipe!

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