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Year 1952. Genoa

Scientific high school and architectural studies

Graphic designer, advertiser, development technician, designer of adventure parks and interior designer since 1975. Always a wood hobbyist.

The pipe. The first attempts since 1965 with my daddy's pipe. In the mid-1970s. I met a tobacconist who knew how to provide excellent advice which allowed me to obtain satisfaction from pipe smoking and to appreciate artisan pipes. In the 1980s came the first plates given by a Genoese pipemaker (he gave me those, not the advice) and the first self-taught experiments. In 1989 in Genoa I won a cup at the championship for pipemakers that took place in parallel with the international slow smoking trophy.

In 2007 I left the city to go and live in a small village surrounded by nature in Gavi, Piedmont.

In 2012 the experience with adventure parks was over, the question was: why don't I take up making a pipe, then another, then another. At this point I knew I wanted it to become my job. I set up a workshop in the barn with some equipment.

In 2013 in Cagli I met Bruto Sordini, Tonino Jacono and other pipemakers, who gave me critics and good advice. The following year at NeatPipesParty I saw Cris Asteriou working and then Davide Iafisco made me work with him.

I like to make nice smoking pipes, to hold and to watch. I interpret classical and non-classical forms.

I knew the reverse calabash pipes of Radice and I began to make some trying to make them look like classical shapes, both curved and straight (Scheme 1).

Lately a physical intuition and its experimentation led me to pierce the lower stem so that the hole is in the center of the stove and it is easier to smoke tobacco to the end (Scheme 2).

The mouthpieces are entirely handmade, made from the bar of the best German ebonite. The pipes are numbered progressively and by year of production.

Finally, briar is first-class Tuscan briar.

Every year I produce 100/150 pipes.