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Meerschaum pipes: so beautiful that they look like works of art. Made of sepiolite (magnesium hydrated silicate) and originating in Hungary, meerschaum pipes have been a prerogative of Austrian companies for many years. Nowadays there are several national and international brands that have approached this wonderful world of ancient charm and, among them, the Italian Lubinski stands out making his pipes using exclusively Eşkisehir's Turkish foam.

Lubinski meerschaum pipes are available in our online shop in the classic style (in smooth, perforated or decorated foam) and in the figured style (in hand-carved foam) to meet the needs of every smoker.

For over thirty years Lubinski has been importing foam pipes produced by Hüseyin Şekercioğlu from Turkey, which operates in the best extraction site: the surroundings of Eskişehir.

Hüseyin expertly works the finest blocks, creating finely sculpted specimens and a variety of classical shapes. His pipes are properly handcrafted, each unique in shape and size; as well as the cases that contain and protect them, small masterpieces of an ancient art that few know how to appreciate.