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Handmade high quality leather case. Made in Italy. Smooth but fluted inside. Elegant, practical, suitable for all Habanos cigars with a maximum diameter of 20mm (RG 50) and maximum length of 110mm. In a personalized Lubinski gift box. External measurements: Height 115mm - Thickness 28mm - Width 55mm.

The best accessories for the Tuscan lover selected and guaranteed.

Every Tuscan smoker will find the worthy kit for his smoke, all items are characterized by high quality.

All accessories are made with the utmost care and the best materials.

Our selection of Lubinski accessories is at the top in quality and finish.

WARNING: in some cases, different products may be reproduced in the photograph.

For example, the same photograph in the case of pipe holders can reproduce 3 or 4 models that change between them for the number of seats but not for the invoice.

In the case of lighters, for example, different models can be represented that differ in finish or color.

In the photograph, each product has a code next to it. To safely identify the item you are purchasing, you can check that the product code is like the one in the photograph. (The product code is located above the price, description and quantity lines).

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