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Wine Pouring System Model Two Elite

With a modern and elegant design, CoravinTM Model Two is the most intuitive Coravin system that allows you to pour and enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle, at any time, protecting the wine from oxidation, thanks to the patented technology, available in two new colors . Easier to open and close, it guarantees a secure grip on the bottle. The standard needle allows a 20% faster delivery. Simplifies the installation of the capsule, ensuring an airtight seal for each use. The patented capsules contain more than 99.99% pure argon gas to protect the residual wine from oxidation. Two-year limitedwarranty.

Accelerate a wine’s aeration process with the Vinturi Red Wine aerator. The award-winning Red Wine aerator from Vinturi opens and develops red wines in the time it takes to pour a glass - no more waiting as with traditional decanters.

The Red Wine aerator features patented technology and a stylish, yet classic look. When aerating your wine, listen for the sound - this sound is unique to all Vinturi aerators, and lets you know that you have an authentic Vinturi aerator, not some copycat imitation product. 

Made from our own specially formulated acrylic with an easy-to-grip silicone body.

 A must-have for entertaining, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is perfect for quickly aerating an entire bottle of wine, or one glass at a time.

How it works: It's simple! Place a glass under the Vinturi and pour your wine through the opening. When wine is poured into the Vinturi, its internal, patented design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity while simultaneously decreasing its pressure. This difference in pressure draws in the proper amount of air, which mixes with the wine for the right amount of time, and delivers a better bouquet, enhanced flavors, and a smoother finish - the absolute perfect aeration. It’s that easy.

As wine breathes, it opens up and releases its intended aromas and flavors. The more you appreciate wine, the more you’ll appreciate the difference.