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Travel Humidor. Perfect for traveling. The Cigar Caddy can be completely immersed in water without problems of infiltration. Perfect for trips of any kind. Humidification system working thanks to a disk with built-in sponge. Interiors made with layers of soft rubber that protect the cigars from damages. Provided with a chain that facilitates transport or hooking.Capacity: 24 Churchills or 50 Toscani. Humidification system with gel crystals Xicar incorporated. Measures: Lenght: 230mm - Width:250mm - Thickness: 120mm

All XICAR accessories are made with the utmost care and the best materials. Innovative and modern accessories perfect for those looking for quality and innovation.Our selection of accessories is at the top for quality and finish.
All our accessories are designed and manufactured with excellent quality materials. Our accessories selection is top for quality and finish.WARNING: sometimes pictures can show different products.Example: Pictures of the Pipe Stands can show 3 or 4 models which have different number of stands, but the finish is the same.Example: Pictures of the Lighters can show 3 or 4 models which have different finishes and colours.Generally products differ only in finish/colour. Make reference to the product title in order to choose the right finish/colour.In case the products are completely different, make reference to the code, displayed next to the picture of the product. Check the right code, which is displayed above the caption "price, description and quantity".​For further information, please contact us at our email address: info@tabaccheriaguzzi.it