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XICAR - High Performance Collection - Gift Set

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The XICAR High Performance Gift Set is a combination of one existing product in a new finish and a new product packaged together and in a new finish. Those products are the TURRIM Lighter in the Full Throttle finish, and the Spark Plug Punch 11mm.

The Turrim lighter is much the same except for the finish, which has a racing-stripe feel to it and matches well with the included Spark Plug Punch. Performance-wise, this is the same as the original and is great. The only physical difference is that the adjustment wheel is rubberized, which has a good feel to it. As far as the new look, it’s beautiful and goes very well as a set.

The Spark Plug Punch is a very nice punch, and does have some unique features to it. Besides looking like a spark plug and having that same racing-stripe look, it actually has two depths you can choose from when punching a cigar. It clicks once at about 2mm out and again at about 4mm, so you can choose how deep to punch your stick. The blade is very sharp and does a good job of removing the cap cleanly as you can see from the picture. I used it to punch a 48rg cigar which is pushing the limits of the size I would use this on. Anything thinner would be challenging with its 11mm size. It also comes with a keyring in case you want to attach it to something like a herfador, or keys.

Lighting: Piezoelectric. Refill: Butane GAS. XICAR customized gift box.

Measurements of Turrim Lighter: Height 120mm - Diameter 25mm. Weight: 300 g.

XICAR warranty: 24 months . Instructions included in the box.

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